Why I am seeking the NC National Republican Committeeman Position

My name is Mark Brody and I am currently serving my second term in the NC House of Representatives representing Union and Anson counties. I am a candidate for the Committeeman to the Republican National Committee that the delegates to our state convention will elect.

The position of Committeeman to the RNC is a policy position and as such, it is important to elect a person who:
1.Believes in the NC Republican Party Platform.
2.Willing to spend the time and effort to make sure NC is represented at the National party level.
3.Has a reputation of standing firm on conservative principles.

I believe I can live up to and exceed those expectations.

Make no mistake, if we do not send someone to the national committee to firmly stand up for NC values the opponents of these values will find a weakness to exploit and we will see the Republican Party change to something it isn’t.

So let me explain these three important components briefly:
1.The NC party platform, I believe, represents pure conservative doctrine. Sound and limited government, a fiscal policy that recognizes tax revenue does not belong to the state but the taxpayers and the duty of the legislature is to meet the obligations of the state and what may be surplus should be returned to the taxpayers.
2.It is important that the committeeman spend his time, not only going to the RNC meetings for an occasional vote but build relationships with other members and leaders to advocate for the positions approved by the NC Executive Committee.
3.I have the reputation for standing firm for conservative values in the legislature and will do so at the RNC. My experiences in the legislature have also taught me how to do that without burning bridges or creating enemies but negotiating with sincerity, honesty, integrity, and respect.

I believe I will represent NC the way it deserves. Remember, good policy wins loyal followers and wins elections. I ask for your vote at the convention.

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