The Original Intent of the Constitution

I believe that the original intent of the US Constitution and its subsequent amendments is the only valid interpretation. When North Carolina ratified the constitution and the bill of rights in 1789 the limits of our state sovereignty were well defined and protected by the 9th and 10th amendments. The 2nd amendment is an absolute amendment meaning that as long as the 3 protections outlined by Thomas Jefferson still exist (to protect against criminals, to protect against a foreign invasion and to protect against the abuses of our own government) no interpretation by any court can limit the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms. I also believe the Supreme Court is not abiding by the original intent of the Constitution to adjudicate disputes but they have chosen to write laws instead.


Traditional Marriage / Family and Christian Principles

It is essential to the survival and continuance of this nation that we respect, promote and defend family and Christian principles as given to us by God in the Bible. Our nation was founded on these principles and continued to prosper throughout the last centuries because we adhered to, as best we could, these guides. Over the last 50 years we have begun, as a nation, to abandon God’s principles in all three areas of government; executive, legislative and judicial and replaced them with an “if it feels good then that is what is right” philosophy. The wisdom of man has replaced the wisdom of God and we are living with the consequences of that move in the tragedies we see every day. The time has come to decide how this nation, and its component states, will proceed forward. Returning to our traditional Christian family values is the answer.


Sanctity of Life & Protection of the Unborn

There is no more profound statement we can make to show God and others across the planet that we are a moral society than how we, and if we, respect an unborn child still in the womb. I believe in the sanctity of life and I stand to protect the life of the unborn. It is legal, not by a vote of the Congress or state legislature but by judicial fiat, that an unborn child can be willfully aborted simply for convenience. Somewhere in-between the lines in the US Constitution it is written, according to the Supreme Court, that this procedure is constitutional but it is not. According to the Court, we have the right to have sexual intercourse and if by accident a pregnancy occurs a person can “just get rid of it”. Abortion and abortion rights are a decision reserved for the states and it is an issue that should be voted on and not decreed.


2nd Amendment Gun Rights

Based upon the Second Amendment to the US Constitution it is the right of every law abiding citizen to buy, possess, and carry a firearm of their choice. In fact it is their obligation, as part of the necessity of every citizen, to be prepared to defend this nation from foreign intruders, defend themselves when law enforcement is not available, and defend their rights from the abuses of their own government. These three occasions were given by our founders as the need to have an armed citizenry. Every effort to take this right away should be resisted and the misinformation about the danger of guns vigorously challenged.


Education & School Choice

Education is a multi-faceted integral component of a successful national economy. New technologies, innovations and the need for greater productivity drive the need for our educational institutions to ‘keep up’ to train and develop a workforce that can meet the challenges of a global economy. A purpose driven education focuses on preparing for the end result – a job, in contrast to just ‘getting an education’. This focused education must have as its sub levels; trades and specialty training, skilled technical training, professional development and those who excel in high level research and innovation. In addition, to give parents a leading role in the education of their children, school choice (meaning the availability and accessibility of educational opportunities) is essential to our education system. Parents have the sole authority to choose what is best for their children including choices in education. Education in itself is not a solution but a means to get to a result much faster.


Illegal Immigration

The United States has, for centuries, been a place where people from all over the world want to come seeking freedom, opportunity and a better life. Immigrants from other nations have always been welcomed and our immigration policies have given this privilege to millions who have come here legally. We now face the problem of dealing with millions that are here illegally and our government appears powerless to address the issue. Many do work in the underground economy but many more take advantage of our generosity through free education, health care and welfare/social services. In North Carolina alone these costs, which are borne by the taxpayers, amounts to over $1 billion, or about 5% of our total tax revenues. Without an end in sight, this problem will continue until we are forced to disrupt other essential services just to continue to provide free benefits to those who break our laws.


Responsible, Limited Government

In the Republic which became the United States the government was designed to do the basic functions of a state and protect and defend the rights of its citizens. The key to this statement is ‘the basic functions’ and not get involved in ‘every’ function of the state and its citizens. The concept of limited government means serving the public’s needs through ‘get out the way’ policies and to provide a fair judicial system to adjudicate disputes. We need to strive for efficiency in what government does and the ability to know what government does not need to do.


Lower Taxes & Sound Tax Policy

The number one problem we have in this nation, and this affects all aspects of the economy and the individual state governments is our income tax system. Early on in the 20th century, (the ratification of the 16th amendment, income tax), we began a system of rewarding economic behavior with tax benefits. In other words, if you do this… you will be relieved of some of your responsibilities for the costs of government and we will pass those costs on to others. In reality that system does produce isolated business activity but rarely is the higher costs to others taken into account. The result is always higher and higher tax rates which affect small businesses greater than larger ones. Lower taxes and consistent tax rates will keep more money in the accounts of business which are the drivers of job creation.



Our economy is plagued by three distinct dysfunctional activities; First, a huge, unmanageable, inconsistent and unsustainable income tax system. Second, a foreign trade policy that builds in disadvantages for US based companies and allows trade deficits to occur without any guarantee those will eventually be equalized on a like item to like item basis. And lastly, our monetary system is controlled by a private banking system called the Federal Reserve, owned by major banks who manage money to their own advantage. (Guess who got bailed out from the crisis they created?). Three important changes need to take place if we, as a nation and its states, want to survive and prosper; Revamp and simplify the tax system, develop trade policies that advantage the US and make sure the money we send out to buy foreign products comes back to us as purchases of our products and end the Federal Reserve system or, at least, allow the public access to the workings of the Fed and end their secretiveness. This will allow us to be competitive and prosper.