Family & Background

Married to wife, Lisa, for over 42 years

Has three daughters: Nicole, Nancy, and Neva

Has three grandchildren: Van, Ada, and Wyatt

General Contractor, Residential Construction

Attends Church at Graceway Baptist

Military Service

Honorably Discharged from the US Navy Reserve in 1993, served from 1985-1993.

Honored as Sailor of the Year for the “Mobile Inshore and Undersea Warfare” unit


Received a BA in Business Management at Concordia University- Milwaukee, WI

Political Involvement

Currently serving in the NC House of Representatives District 55, Union and Anson Counties, 2nd term,

Co-Chair of the House Agriculture and Community College Committee


Likes are reading in the areas of: biographies of founders, original intent of the US Constitution, original intent of the amendment to the US Constitution, history and current situations regarding currencies and monetary policies, Christian novels and, of course, the Bible.

Enjoys and works hard at regulatory reform legislation.